A liquid investment.
In the true meaning
of the word.

Let us challenge
your interest
– when interest is
hard to find.

DearLiquidAssests offers attractive interest rates to loan givers – on controlled and secure terms.

“You are hereby invited to finance the inventory of premium beverage products – branded, marketed and sold exclusively by TheDearGroups portfolio of business lines.“

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About TheDearGroup

TheDearGroup develops new category winners within the beverage industry exploiting and combining authentic product propositions from smaller European quality producers, sustainability leadership and digital marketing solutions.

TheDearGroup will constantly innovate and develop several product lines entering into the categories of wine, natural spring water, organic fruit juices, ice teas and cocktails.

All business lines will be among the most digitalized and data driven operations within their categories. And an end-to-end marketing and sales “plug-in”, allowing quality producers to reach many new consumers in new markets.


DearLiquidAssets is part of TheDearGroup’s community and 100% owned by TheDearGroup, responsible for inventory financing with the following added value to the businesses:

Securing that consumers buying products through TheDearGroup’s own sales channels, as well as through 3d party sales channels, can have the order delivered within 1 to 3 days, which is a choice driver.

Securing that the producers are paid either by delivery or at latest 60 days net, which will give TheDearGroup optimal negotiation conditions

The assets

The proposition

The financing of inventory is the single most capital demanding part of running and growing TheDearGroup. For this reason, we are looking for partners to mutually benefit from this fact.

As a loan giver to DearLiquidAssets you will benefit from extremely interesting interest rates with optimal security in the inventory. You will have complete transparency into exactly what is sold through our dashboards. And you will enter into a close and informed collaboration with the management of TheDearGroup.

The first business line that requires inventory financing is DearWineMaker – Quality signature wines from the real winemakers, in the most sustainable way.

DearLiquidAssets offer lenders an interest rate of 8% per year. Final terms to be negotiated.

There is full security in the inventory, set at a value of only 50% compared to the budgeted sales price. The inventory is expected to be turned 3 times per year, meaning that the average stock period will be 4 months.

The offer in brief

Trusting the

The inventory is managed by Scan-Shipping A/S, part of Scan-Group – the 50 year old and well consolidated Danish Logistics company with more than 150 offices and warehouses across the globe.

The warehouses are fully digitalized, and the loan givers will through the dedicated DLA account be able to follow the inventory and products that have been financed. Down to the last box of wine, spring water, juice or ice tea.

The accounting company, Beierholm Revision, will be controlling the activities and manage the accounting.


The DearLiquidAssets Management

DearLiquidAssets is run by Jacob Nyborg, who is also the CEO of TheDearGroup.
This ensures a close and seamless coordination of the operation and the inventory financing needs.

For more information, please contact:

CEO Jacob Nyborg on jn@thedeargroup.com